Our story

Anton Rotar, Founder

Simple, hardworking, accessible, principled, accurate, orderly, with lots of ideas and quick solutions. A mentor to all employees. A man who created today's company and from whom they learn a lot.

His favourite garden task is caring for fruit trees. He plants something new every year and always making sure that they bear good fruit. He cares that the trees have all the necessary nutrients and that they are protected from diseases.
In his work, he follows the famous words of Winston Churchill: “Efforts to the best of our ability are not enough. We have to be successful in doing what is necessary. "

Mateja Rotar, CEO

An enthusiastic woman, who also takes care of the financial side of the company. Always full of new ideas, hardworking, energetic and youthful. Her favourite gardening task is to take care of the flowering surroundings of the house in the warmer part of the year, and planning new flower plantations in the colder part of the year.

"When you live for a clear purpose, then hard work is not just a possibility, but a necessity," are the words of Steve Pavlin, followed by herself.

David Rotar, Commercial Manager

A director with the right ideas and a modern approach. In addition to excellent leadership skills, he works in a team spirit, as he is an athlete at heart. All this is reflected in his advanced and energetic business, which never lacks enthusiasm. He takes care of the Rotar Company, sales, introduction of novelties and new products.

In the garden you will meet him on a lawn mower or garden tractor or with a chainsaw in hand.

The best path always leads forward,” he is convinced, as is the author of the quote, Helen Keller.

Ana Rotar, Lawyer

Energetic, smiling, hardworking and professional. He is very supportive in developing brands, taking care of staff, introducing new products and developing Eurogarden garden centres. Teamwork and good relationships in the company are her goal.

Nature always inspires her, but she prefers to design interesting rockeries with decorative sand, bark and garden figurines.

In her work, she adheres to the thought of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: "Whatever you do, always do it wisely and think about the end."

Špela Rotar, Customer care

Diligent, open, simple and smiling. She takes care of customer satisfaction and quickly resolved complaints. Above all, she wants a satisfied customer and is therefore focused on successful problem solving and responsive communication with customers. She is aware that the after-sales relationship is very important.

In her free time she enjoys planting vegetables, nurturing her vegetable and herb garden.

She strongly believes in Henry Ford’s thought, “If you think you can do something, you’re right. And if you think you can't do something, you're also right."