Everything for forestry

Large selection of motor and electric chainsaws, suitable for both home and professional use.
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Garden tools

With the right tools, working in the garden is a real pleasure.
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Get ready for spring garden tasks.
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Battery shears

With high-quality battery shears, you will get the job done in the garden faster.
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Protective gloves

Protective gloves for safe work in the forest and in the garden.
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B2B store

B2B store

Wholesale store.

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Webshop Eurogarden

Webshop Eurogarden

Retail store.

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About us

The ROTAR Company is a Slovenian family business and has been present on the market since 1981. It is recognizable as an importer and wholesaler specializing in machinery, equipment and spare parts for horticulture, viticulture, forestry and agriculture. Through four decades of continuous development and persistence on the path to excellence, ROTAR with ...
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RAMDA is a top Slovenian brand with more than 30 years of tradition. It is part of the ROTAR company, offering quality products for landscaping and gardening, both hobby and professional program.

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Customer ratings

Average rating1830


Jure Arh
Kind and helpfull personel, big variety of plants.
Andrej Kokol
Great choice for the garden and the surrounding area
Voyo Lazni
As the name say's a big garden shop. With some other house stuff.. and farmer's bit's and bob's also tracktor's equipment, forestry.. buthchery..
marjana nakit
Nice, transparent, friendly, recently opened store that pleasantly surprised, well done, back
Sara Kul
The most beautiful garden center in Slovenia .. one can rest ...
Robert Gretić
Great shop for agricultural and similar machinery and supplies
Filip Žužić
Solid offer.
Franc Žemva
Lots of goods, lots of space, fast delivery
Franci Polanic
Super ???? shop with a large selection ..... :-)
Nuša Kovač
Very friendly saleswoman in the houseplant department.
primož petelin
Friendly staff, enough space for guests, huge parking, beautiful views
Jernej Rupnik
The service took the chainsaw for repair and did the work within the agreed time.